Fierce Fangirl Friday: Star Wars Forces Of Destiny!

Hey, everyone! Fierce Fangirl Friday is a weekly meme hosted by Jackie @ Too Much of a Booknerd.

This week I’m fangirling over the new Starwars mini series on youtube called Forces of Destiny!!!


The short three-minute videos are so cute and highlight all the awesome girl power in Star Wars! It showcases kindness, bravery and all around lady badass-ness. Like seriously forget Michelle Obama and like Emma Watson* or whatever for your role models and just find a perfect fictional character like Rey or Leia to inspire you. :D

Plus we get more of BB-8 and all his/her (it’s?) awesomeness in the series. What’s really great too is you can watch it all right on Youtube. I totally wish the episodes were longer, but I guess the upside is you can binge watch it all really quickly?

*Okay don’t really because they are amazing

giphy (2)

Up for a Star Wars re-Watch, I am.*coughs* My Yoda voice is a little rusty. Thank goodness it’s summer and I can do nothing, but well…nothing!

What are you fangirling over right now? Have you watched any of Forces of Destiny episodes yet (I say yet because if you haven’t I know you’re going to now)? 🙂

Violet (2)

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