Alex Approximately: Is Approximately Very Cheesy (A Mostly Spoiler Review)

I’m sorry. Most books I enjoy the cheesiness. I cherish the cheesiness. I eat it with nachos and savor the cheesiness, but this one I just couldn’t. I don’t know how to put my feelings about this book into great sentences and paragraphs so today we’re making it simple by doing a pros and cons chart and then a crazy blurb of my ramblings! 30312700 YAY! *angry murmurs from the crowd about laziness and stupidity*


  •  Cute summer background
  •  Cool film references
  •  Sweet romance


  •   Meh characters
  •   Felt too unrealistic. (He just had to live in the same town as her father and he just had to turn out to be hot and single instead of a creepy internet stalker, tbh would have been 10X more interesting if he was). I mean if you like that kind of unrealistic scenarios then you will love this book though.
  • Tooo cheesy.
  • Anti-climactic ending.

Spoilers Discussion!!

So about the being too perfect. I mean she got shot in the side and had issues with the whole thing, but it never felt real. It was too easily resolved and she’s like “oh it’s no big deal this guy shot me and now I’m afraid of guns, but it’s all g.” Like no. Then, of course, Davy the “I’m so stoned” dude, of course, has a gun under his coat and just happens to decide to try and shoot them. Then the next day it’s all cool. Nothing happened. She almost died once again, by the point of a gun, her worst fear, but she’s cool.

Also Porters thing with sharks and everything and then suddenly Baily all powerful makes him want to surf again and he’s all perfect at it even though he hasn’t surfed like that in how many years? I don’t know much about surfing, but I know it takes a lot of practice. So just no. Also, I think the whole finding out he was Alex could have been so much more dramatic. I mean she had been so stupid all along and never saw the signs that were clearly right there in front of her (!!!!!) and then there’s all this other cheesy stuff and the one thing that the whole story revolved around wasn’t even amazing! It was all very anti climactic. Come on, dude.

Untitled design (1)

So in conclusion if you like cheesy summer romances give this a read, but if you’d rather die in a whole <<<< this is how tired I am hole then I would say don’t read this book. 

I rate it: ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

So that turned very ranty. I didn’t know I had so much to say about this book until I opened my big mouth. XD I hope you don’t decide to never read my reviews again because I promise they are usually better than this. I’m just on holidays and in a mood to rip a book to shreds. So watch out. 🙂 Also my computer is freezing and I’m dying slowly, send help.

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