///Second Chance Summer/// A Bittersweet Summer Story

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Okay, so last month I read four meh summer romance contemporary reads and every single one of them I rated three stars. So my stupid brain is like “okay Violet let’s read another one just to see if we’ll like it this time!” Well, you guessed it this one is just another three star-er. Why do I do this to myself? It’s not that I hated any of these books. It’s that they all were too cheesy, predictable, and all around exactly what you would expect out of a YA summer romance. I just want something that goes a little deeper.


Can somebody please write me the perfect summer book set at the lake where I don’t know the entire plot by the second page and has a cute love interest, but he’s not perfect and the story has a little mystery to it? *casually starts outlining new story*

Anyway, that was an incredibly long intro, let’s get to the review!

Copy of All About The Whimsical WordsTaylor: I think my favorite part of Taylor was her character development. She overcame her own problems so that was good to see. I felt very sorry for her and her situation, but at the same time it was frustrating waiting for her to apologize for her mistakes when all it could have taken was just a simple: I’m sorry. I did love Taylor’s relationship with her family though. That was the highlight of the story. It was so sweet getting to see her connect with her father and siblings.

Lucy: She had every right to be mad at Taylor for being so stupid not to apologize right away, but at the same time, Taylor made a mistake when she was twelve, and you’re still fuming and petty? Um, okay. To each there own I guess. Other than that, she was just the best friend that sadly got tossed away as soon as the boyfriend came along.

Henry: Meh. He’s your average sweet love interest, with zero flaws and perfect skin.


Copy of All About The Whimsical Words (3)Literally nothing new. It was cute and supportive? Is that descriptive enough?


Copy of All About The Whimsical Words (4)The plot was very predictable and had a slow start. It took me quite a while to get into the story. Plus there were a lot of unnecessary scenes that didn’t add anything to the story. Luckily the ending was quite well done and I have to warn you I cried like a small child. If you need a good cry this is the read for you.

I did like this story a little better than the rest of the other ones I read (Alex Approximately, The Summer I Turned Pretty, Along For The Ride) and I think that’s because I liked the family dynamic a lot more. It felt more sad and raw and I could also really imagine how I would feel in her shoes. I think it’s important to have a book that connects with readers and almost everyone has had a sick family member, so it’s easy to relate to the grief and sadness. I also just realized that all of these books had family issues that all were solved and turned into a heartfelt learning experience. Hmmm.


So overall I give it ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ . The characters were pretty plain except for Taylor and her family, the romance average, but it had a good bittersweet finish.



4 thoughts on “///Second Chance Summer/// A Bittersweet Summer Story

  1. ~The Scribe says:

    It really does seem that the large majority of summery contemporaries follow the same general formula. Would it kill the authors to make a love interest (guy or gal, I honestly do not care) that has some kind of flaw, or at least a hilarious characteristic?
    Love your pictures, they are absolutely adorable.

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