Fierce Fangirl Friday: Gotham Academy

FFF is a weekly meme hosted by Jackie @ toomuchofabooknerd where you can fangirl over whatever has caught your attention. I especially love this meme because I look across the interwebs on Friday and get to find out people’s favorite books, movies, or music that they are so passionate about and it just makes my heart so happy.


This week for me it’s Gotham Academy. For those of you who haven’t noticed, I’ve been hooked on Gotham Academy ever since the first book! It just gives me so many feels. I love the characters to pieces. Each one of them has such vivid personalities and quirks. Plus the whole mystery is soooo great! I have such a love for buildings with lots of secrets and history. Give me more books like this please even though it is so overdone. Plus I’ve always loved Batman so it’s already in a universe I love. Also, can we just talk about the fact that there’s a crossover with the Lumberjanes?!?! I’m honestly glad I got into this series later because I didn’t have to wait for the release. That probably would have killed me. I mean Maps and Ripely?! A match made in graphic novel heaven. Cue fangirl screaming. I just love it so much, man.

gothamacademy   23395763.jpg

efkkgdsfdjgsdkbdfb. That is all for today. If I talk anymore about this I will literally start screaming with joy.

Please tell me someone else on this lonely world has read this and will talk to me?! Please? 😉

Violet (2)

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