I Finally Watched Star Wars: The Last Jedi… My Thoughts

hEY FRIENDS! Long time no talk, of course. It always seems to be the same way I start a post. It’s summer, so I have a long list of movies to catch up on and watch.  It’s great.

So I finally…FINALLY watched the newest Star Wars movie… nope can’t even say that anymore, because of Solo: A Starwars Story, but nevertheless, I have watched it and I actually enjoyed it!

Do you ever get those feelings where you watch a movie and your like wow that was pretty good, and then you go online and pray it got good reviews so you know you still have good taste, and so they can’t point out all the issues with it and the plot holes you missed? Because I was so scared to go online after (geez how long?) 210 days of avoiding spoilers, which I did quite easily because after a month or two people really just move onto the next movie (but I mean, really this is the Star Wars fandom we’re talking about so no one really ever moves on, do they?) So when I finally looked online I was happy to see it got pretty decent ratings so my faith in the galaxy was restored.

In my opinion, it’s the best movie to come out since the originals. Rouge One though, fun the first time watching it, the second time I was like geez, this is unnecessary, although it did have some good moments. The Force Awakens was amazing to me because that I was so giddy and high off the fact that it was another freaking Star Wars movie, and it just feellt like Star Wars. *sigh* so good. But if you’re really being honest it wasn’t ah-mazing or anything. I can’t speak for Solo, because I haven’t seen that either yet (just wait for my review coming soon in another 200 days 😉 ), but tbh it looked off, except for the fact that Donald Glover was Lando. I would go just to see Lando, who cares about Han Solo right?

The reason I liked this movie so much was that after all the setup of the first movie we finally got to enjoy what was going down, and be nervous, and understand the characters more. I love Rey. I ship Reylo, I really do. I love the little thingies on the island.

Image result for star wars the last jedi animals


I liked the action and the subplot of Finn and Rose. There was a lot of good subplots in the movie so there was never a dull moment.

So yeah those are my thoughts. I did watch The Honest Trailer for it, and Everything Wrong With, and they had very valid points but I stand by my truth! mIDDLE AGED RACIST AND SEXIST FANBOYS BE DAMNED!

Thank you and goodnight ❤

violetUpdate… Okay, guys, I watched more youtube videos and it happened, my opinion has been tainted, there is so much wrong with the plot. I cri. I cri. Am I even a true fan?



5 thoughts on “I Finally Watched Star Wars: The Last Jedi… My Thoughts

  1. ~The Scribe says:

    I haven’t gotten to see it yet because my brother and dad went to see it on a day when i had plans. Glad that it’s worth it! (Also hi! Glad you’re back! I’ve finally gotten into a bit of a habit again and it’s a good time)

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