To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before (me screaming #quality post)

First off I would like to say this movie was hella great. 10X better than The Kissing Booth, which truthfully I have watched twice now, but both times neither because I actually wanted to. First off the Kissing Booth was suuuper cheesy to the point where it's unwatchable, while it does have some cute-ish (still … Continue reading To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before (me screaming #quality post)

Wait, What? It’s My Blog’s 2 Year Anniversary?

Ahhhhh. I don't know how this happened? Where has the time gone? My blogging journey has been an interesting one indeed. I started off badly, then last summer, I got into the swing of things, then lost it again once school came back and now here we are! Back and better than ever baby. ūüėČ … Continue reading Wait, What? It’s My Blog’s 2 Year Anniversary?

The Writers Tag!

Hey kids! It's me! First I would like to thank¬†Parchment & Ink¬†for tagging me in this! She is an awesome blogger so please go check out her blog! Now without further ado the questions! What genres, styles, and topics do you write about? I tend to write historical fiction. I love books like Anne of … Continue reading The Writers Tag!

Um… Hi?

*slowly slides back onto blog awkwardly* Welll, hello. That turned into a really¬†long break. lmao guys I am so sorry. I meant to get back into blogging but slowly other things became more important and then I got out of the habit and well, now we're here. I'm really sad to say to you that … Continue reading Um… Hi?

A Break

Hey dudes. I'm sad to say I'm taking a break from blogging right now, just because of how busy I am outside of the blogosphere. I just feel like I'm not really doing my best if I'm making rushed posts, just because¬†of my schedule. I'm really not sure how long my break will be, I … Continue reading A Break