///Is It Fair To Review A Book You DNF?///Discussion

Hey dudes, I rarely DNF books, mostly because I buy most my books (I just like owning the physical¬†copy for some reason) and I invested in it and let's be real,¬†getting a bunch of new and pretty hard covers can add pretty damn quick, so most of the time, I want to read the whole … Continue reading ///Is It Fair To Review A Book You DNF?///Discussion

///For The Love Of Genres///Discussion///

So, due to limited explanation in the title you're probably confused. Well allow me to enlighten you my friend, people all like their own specific genre and plots, and tropes, this is nothing new. Then I had kind of a weird shower thought that it's pretty amazing. Some people love fantasy with cheesy romance and … Continue reading ///For The Love Of Genres///Discussion///