How to make a book blogger’s day! // BECOME THE SUN.

Gotta share the kindness! 😀

Book Snacks

Alas, it is difficult to BE the sun.

There’s the small details such as you might, I don’t know, BURN, oh and that we’re humans and it’s impossible to physically be a sun?? (I mean, you could glue neon lights to yourself and blind others, that’s pretty similar. Oh, and wear a heater too.)

BUT. Theoretically, you could be a sun by lighting up someone’s day (wow so cheesy oopsies)! Specifically, a blogger’s day!

See, we all know bloggers and book bloggers are fabulous! And who doesn’t want to make someone happier? Spread joy! Spread happiness! (My only wish is that the rest of the world follow this mantra toooooo honestly if the world was as lovely as the book blogging community, it would be a wonderful thing. *cries because the world isn’t*)

Tis a simple thing, to shower someone’s day with happiness!! BE THE SUN. Theoretically. Here…

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The Book Blogger Test

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